Xioma Information Solutions, SAP business partner, has developed know-how and experience in the implementation of SAP® Business One in engineering companies that deal with the planning, integration and installation of solar energy systems for their clients. These companies engage with the production, sale and installation of photo-voltaic equipment and systems that produce clean, independent electricity, and help reduce the use of energy from sources involving pollutant fuels and decrease dependency on infrastructures.

Xioma provides a solution to the unique needs of energy companies and an efficient, focused project management, based on understanding these processes.
The management of solar projects requires a project-oriented outlook at the system, addition of relevant fields to each category, intersection of relevant data, producing reports that are of interest to executives, management of approval stations relating to registration, handling engineering and electricity licensing aspects etc. Managing the follow-up with the client throughout the project life is of high significance and due to the flexibility of the system and the adjustment tools it is possible to build – on the system – an entire assembly that provides project and operation managers a comprehensive picture as to the status of each solar system project.