Engineering & Infrastructure

In particular in the construction industry, smaller and midsize businesses (SMB) have to build and coordinate entire plants more complex and as a general contractor today. In order to run operations economically, business processes have to be streamlined and managers, controllers and project managers require an immediate overview of up-to-the-minute project and business data. Moreover, efficient stock-keeping and cost-effective purchase for projects is crucial to success.
This is exactly what ProjectManagement based on SAP Business One has been made for.

  • Consistent customer data is available quickly
    Mater data, such as address and contact data has to be captured only once and is available to all employees for different purposes (invoice, delivery note, goods issue and goods receipt etc.).
  • Project-related purchase
    ProjectManagement supports the entire purchase process, from the request for quote and vendor selection to the goods receipt. The software visualizes the current delivery status of all materials throughout the entire purchase process.
  • Project-related warehouses
    ProjectManagement allows managing different warehouses. It also enables to setup and manage project warehouses.
  • Up-to date project data at any time
    Project data such as planned and invoicable services or items are managed in one single system. Analyses of the current status of your projects are available at any time at the touch of a button.
  • Variable contracts
    ProjectManagement supports different types of contracts, e.g. fixed price contracts, project accounting at cost or with time and cost limit. In addition, the system simplifies the calculation through contracts customizable in a very flexible way, e.g. with the overhead caluclation.
  • Global reach
    Construction projects are often processed abroad, with international clients or vendors. Many construction companies have also offices beyond national borders. For this reason, ProjectManagement allows you to access data irrespective of where you are and supports the use of multiple companies, multiple languages and multiple currencies.
  • Plants under construction (WIP)
    A flexible calculation tool enables you to determine the value of plants under construction according to different evaluation methods (e.g. percentage on completion) and to transfer the value to the financial accounting.