High Tech & Electronics

One of the significant challenges in the Hight Tech and electronics project management industry in recent years is the accelerated development of products against aggressive competition.
Time spaces required by companies for introducing a new functionality/ product/ version are becoming shorter each year.
Development processes and projects must be managed more efficiently in terms of:
The choice of development projects in which the company decides to invest must be based on a structured model that includes:
A variety of indexes and simulation “what if” scenarios.
Investing in a project that does not terminate on time or on budget may be destructive.
Effective, high-standard management of development processes is usually also based on using a tailored methodology.
Companies developing multi-disciplinary products usually use a number of different methodologies which are applied concurrently by different working groups.
As a response to these challenges:
Sciforma system provides a solution to an advanced portfolio and project management which may be based on a number of methodologies implemented by various work teams, such as: Phase Gate, TOC-Critical Chain, Agile, PMBOK or PRINCE2 in the same company.
Sciforma system provides friendly tools for producing organizational transparency and collaboration and for the parallel management of several projects in the most effective way in terms of timing and capacity.
Sciforma system provides organizational portfolio tools to produce optimization in selecting the projects in which the company wishes to invest, ongoing analyses and reports from project manager level up to management level.