Professional Services


Providers of professional services hire various and varied professionals.
Sciforma offers various professional options under a single tool: creating business offers, resource management and item costs across the organization.
Arranging your projects for a project / matrix of job classification with a well-directed authorization management.
Creating links between projects and work packages.
Creating soft resources while using work classifications and skills.
Personal adjustment of reports to charge invoices and support.
Cooperation with documentation, notices and issue management.
Publication of resource allocation to stockholders.
Display, follow-up and report of executing projects.
Creating charts for improving existing processes.

Xioma provides customers with professional services in their various life cycle stages of using the system.
Xioma’s team has vast experience in the setting up and maintenance of hundreds of ERP projects, which is at the disposal of our clients in Israel and around the world.
Xioma’s services include:

  • Analysis and improvement of organizational processes.
  • Consultation, requierments analysis and gap specification services.
  • System and product design.
  • Project management and PMO.
  • Implementation, documentation and tests.
  • Development.
  • Training.
  • Support and maintenance.
  • DBA and IT services.


Autonomy HP helps professional services firms effectively manage client engagements and leverage best practices to enhance client service, streamline execution, and mitigate risk. 66 of the Global 100 law firms and one-third of the top 30 U.S. accounting firms as well as some of the world’s largest consulting firms rely on Interwoven solutions.
Firms are awash in documentation, e-mail and besieged by regulations
Almost all professional services firms are in the same sticky situation: they need to improve service to retain customers and boost the bottom line. However, most professional services firms are awash in e-mail, electronic documents, and paper that take ever more time and money to manage. Mergers, acquisitions, and global clients are pushing these organizations to be more distributed than ever before, requiring professionals in offices around the globe to work in remote teams and travel to other offices and client sites. In addition, an increasing number of regulations dictate how firms must manage data throughout its lifecycle.
iManage HP helps you centrally manage the engagement lifecycle to boost profitability
iManage HP helps firms manage the entire client engagement lifecycle by organizing and managing all client-related documents in a centralized workspace. The Interwoven solution gives firms an easy, cost-effective way to track, audit, secure, share, locate, and dispose of data according to the firm’s retention policies.

  • Manage the entire client engagement lifecycle
  • Share information securely across the business and with clients
  • Manage all client-related information, including e-mails, in one place
  • Leverage past engagements and best practices
  • Enhances productivity in the office and on the road
  • Centralized workspaces make it easy for geographically distributed groups to share information.

Professionals on the road work without missing a beat because they have access to workspaces from their laptops and mobile devices.

Maximizes the value of firm knowledge

Through the organized collection and management of information firm-wide, professionals have the firm’s expertise at their fingertips. A quick enterprise-wide search helps staff quickly find past engagements and templates so they don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

Improves client satisfaction

A secure extranet gives customers 24/7 access to their files as well easy access to staff by broadening communications to include the Web, e-mail, and other interactive marketing channels. Clients are more satisfied because they feel informed. Professionals are able to respond to inquiries more quickly-and more thoroughly-because they can tap into the firm’s knowledge and expertise.

Mitigates risk

Eliminates human error by taking much of the manual work out of client content management, matter lifecycle management, and engagement-centric collaborative document management.