ECM-Advanced Document and Email Management
Xioma markets, implements and supports the advances document and email management solution Worksite
from iManage.

Services & Products

iPhone & iPad support

Mobility for iOS WorkSite brings key capabilities of Autonomy WorkSite, an award-winning document and email management solution, to Apple’s iPhone® and iPad devices. Through an innovative, native user interface, mobile professionals can now interact with client files, find, edit and view documents, capture images and emailWorkSite files to collaborate with colleagues and clients even when the device is disconnected

WorkSite Mobility provides secure access toWorkSite content – enabling users to keep in touch with the latest client information for faster response times and better overall client service
For users to deliver effective client service, they must be able to deliver quick, precise responses to client inquiries from anywhere, at any time, on any device. To ensure accuracy, smart phones and tablets need secure access to client and matter information in real time.
Smartphones can extract valuable information during mobility without need to return to office and file documents. This will help businesses solve operational challenges and gain time.


Express Search, Miner

Autonomy’s flexible search mechanism enables integrate search according to characteristics and free text of documents and e-mails filed in the system. The intuitive interface reduces search times and simplifies the process of creating new documents by clicking “re use” of existing documents. The search mechanism is one of the most advanced mechanisms in the world and it allows search and analysis of structured and unstructured information. Search times are negligible also when vast amounts of documents or e-mails are required to be scanned. The system automatically indexes the content of saved documents providing advanced options for content search.
The search mechanism application enables the organization to become more efficient and allow users who use these tools to become more independent in their work without needing the knowledge of senior employees regarding archiving historical documents. The user interface allows fast connection to last searches, last documents and favorite documents.

Outlook & Office integration

An optional component enhancing Outlook capabilities, EMM comes as an addition to basic Filesite and constitutes an ideal complementary component for it.
By synchronizing both products, it is possible to easily control filing e-mails and use innovative functionality.
Using this component reduces the e-mail filing process and naturally contains all the enormous search capabilities of the search engine to locate e-mails easily and quickly within the system.
EMM’s other advanced capabilities:
Authorization control already at the time of filing e-mails, before they enter the system, with a focus on Private authorization.
EMM comes with a smart mechanism that remembers e-mail filings according to numerous parameters and offers users where to file a certain e-mail based on that memory.
The filing process is very short and allows both sending and filing e-mails in a single click of a button.
In addition, the e-mail and its attachments are separated so that not every e-mail has to be filed, and when necessary, the attachment only can be filed.
Another mechanism enabled by EMM is the synchronization of an Outlook file with Filesite folders in such as way so as to enable – from the moment of synchronization – filing of e-mails from anywhere in the world and in any way as long as the Inbox is accessed by the following ways:
Blackberry, Android, Web Access, Iphone, Ipad and more.
Our EMM-using clients enjoy a massive reduction of PST files in their organization, reduce the load on their Exchange servers, and allow fast, seamless e-mail traffic comparing to ordinary use of e-mail.


The solution delivers a full featured intelligent process automation engine with rich capabilities for modeling and simulating business processes. Easy to use visual tools, rule-based routing, intelligent electronic forms, real-time business activity monitoring, secure connectivity into other business systems and digital signatures are available across a wide variety of interfaces including the Web, Outlook and Mobile devices.
Unlike other approaches, Workflow process embraces the unstructured and human elements of business processes and turns the variability of information and human behavior into tangible business advantages. Autonomy’s fundamentally different approach can use Meaning Based Computing (MBC) to look across all real time business process related data, as well as any other data sources and automatically form an understanding of that information.

E-Mail management

WorKSite operates in the daily, familiar e-mail environment of Outlook, which makes adjustment to the system and the assimilation process in the organization natural and quick.
Users report very quickly that they forget where standard Outlook ends and WorkSite e-mail environment begins.
Working on documents is made through familiar original applications, such as Acrobat, Excel, MSWord, PowerPoint etc, whereas document management and search are made in Outlook environment.

WorkSite Email Management Organize, Search, and Manage Emails and Related Documents Using Familiar Tools Autonomy WorkSite Email Management for Microsoft® Outlook® provides simple yet powerful email management capabilities from within the messaging environment, extending the capabilities of Microsoft Exchange Server.