About Xioma

We live in a complex and competitive business reality, where technology plays a fundamental role in maintaining an organization’s success and profitability.
As a company that specializes in the development and implementation of leading management information systems, Xioma helps organizations improve their work practices by implementing innovative technologies that lead to growth, financial efficiency, and success in the business market.

Facts & Figures

innpvationInnovation—with 14 years of innovation, growth, and success, the company has been a leader in the field of development processes and information systems implementation since its inception.

customers Leading Clients—among the company’s clients are hundreds of leading organizations from a variety of industries, such as banking, credit card companies, insurance, automotive, high tech, trade and industrial, law firms, corporate legal departments,
biotech and pharma, and many more.

icons-10 Areas of Specialization—Xioma Information Solutions specializes in four main disciplines: ERP, PPM, ECM, and CRM.


solutions Vertical solutions—Xioma specialize in 16 vertical solutions and follows a Best Practice methodology.


Our Vision

To help companies and organizations solve complex problems and work better and more simply, by utilizing leading technologies, knowledge,
and human resources.

Our solutions

Xioma offers four leading solutions:

  • ERP: SAP Business One, a comprehensive solution for small and medium companies, helps organizations manage every aspect of their business (sales, distribution, and finance).
  • PPM: Sciforma is our projects management & process analysis solution for organizations.
  • CRM: SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer-is an ideal customer management solution for sales, marketing, service, and commerce.
  • ECM: iManage provides document, e-mail, and content management solutions for organizations.These solutions stand at the forefront of technological development. They are flexible, scalable, user-friendly, and easy to customize and implement, and boast a high cost-benefit ratio.

Top Service

Xioma offers its customers a comprehensive professional solution along with professional support and guidance, including consulting, personal customer customization, and integration and implementation of information systems throughout the project’s entire life cycle: specification, implementation, and support.

Strategic Partners

Xioma is a senior business partner in the marketing, distribution and integration of leading international software solutions, such as:

  • SAP—one of the world’s leading software supplier for organizations. Xioma markets, distributes, and implements the following SAP solutions:
    1. SAP Business One—an easy-to-use management solution for small and medium businesses, with 17,000 users worldwide.
    + Project Management Application—this complementary product for SAP Business One offers project management solutions for small and medium businesses (resources, tasks, and budget management).
    2. SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer—an all-encompassing solution based on a simple, easy, and innovative interface, enabling users to manage and plan a proactive sales process: lead management, business opportunities and pipeline management, sales promotion, and deal closing.
  • iManage—a leading global provider of software solutions for document and e-mail management, knowledge management, content management, archiving, and secure file collaboration. Xioma is the company’s exclusive representative in Israel.
  • Sciforma—one of the world’s top innovation companies specializing in software product development for project management and process analysis solutions for organizations. This web-based platform is available for purchase and installation on premises, as well as a SaaS service.

Our values


Our Customers