Law Firms


iManage helps attorneys and law firms efficiently manage the matter lifecycle, from the initial opening of a matter through the final disposition of its content. Easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions help firm staff work together and share matter-related content securely with both colleagues and clients. Two-thirds of AmLaw 100 law firms and 70 of the top 250 UK law firms use iManage solutions as well as over a thousand medium-sized and small law firms.

Pressures on today’s law firms impact client service, profitability and increase risk
Law firms today face a number of obstacles to achieving their targeted profits, including consolidations, mergers, and legal malpractice risks. Geographically distributed offices disperse legal expertise and pose new cross-border information management challenges. Client matter files live in unconnected systems, and attorneys juggle millions of electronic documents from incompatible systems and tons of paper documents as well as a growing number of e-mail messages and attachments. At the same time, clients expect increased access to staff, higher levels of service, and reduced legal fees.

Leverage the firm’s expertise, best practices and streamline the information life-cycle

iManage solutions for law firms provide full visibility into client engagements and full control over matter-related content. Law firms securely and consistently manage documents, e-mails, scanned paper-any form of client content-in a unified client file. Professionals on the go access client files from laptops or mobile devices. Clients can be given secure access to their matters for reviewing and exchanging content.

Automate conflicts management and new matter intake

Automatically pull everything related to matter files into unified, shareable workspaces
Easily enable staff to incorporate e-mail and attachments into the matter file
Share matter-related content securely with colleagues and clients
Securely discuss issues affecting your practice with professionals in other offices
Manage the logistics, retention, and disposition of both physical and electronic records

Improve client satisfaction

Build stronger client relationships by providing attorneys and clients a consolidated view across all matters.

Increase revenues

Increase revenues by exposing clients to other firm services and by building high-value practice areas and more profitable client relationships.

Improve practices

Transform your practices by improving the way you and your peers interact, communicate, and exchange critical legal information inside and outside your firm.

Increase productivity

Give attorneys new capabilities-such as search and e-mail management tools and mobile access- while allowing them to work the way they are accustomed to working.