S. Horowitz Upgrades to Interwoven for Complete Matter-Centric Productivity

As one of Israel’s top law fi rms, S. Horowitz & Co. has led its fi eld in the adoption of state-of-the-art document management (DM) solutions to aid productivity, enhance client service and manage risk. Says IT Manager Rafi Anigar, “It’s part of our position in the market to be a leader in this kind of thing. We were the first law firm in Israel to implement DM back in 1993; it’s something we saw as important for our fi rm and our clients.”

After six years with a custom-built DM system, S. Horowitz adopted a commercially available product in 1999. The system proved adequate for managing Microsoft Offi ce documents, which constituted the majority of the firm’s matter content at the time-but as industry practices changed, its limitations became apparent. “Over time, the rise of e-mail posed an increasing challenge,” explains Anigar. “Today, e-mails represent most of our documents as well as the main way we exchange information with clients, and it’s vital for us to be able to manage them within the same context as other types of matter content.”
“Because Interwoven makes it easier for people to file things, we can build a larger database of information about our clients and their matters. That’s a tremendous benefi t to our fi rm, aiding productivity while helping
us deliver superior client service.”
Rafi Anigar, IT Manager, S. Horowitz & Co
S. Horowitz’s old DM system required a manual profile form to be fi lled out for each e-mail. “This got quite annoying over the course of a day,” says Anigar. “We thought we should be able to fi le e-mails in the DM system as simply as we did in Outlook itself.” The firm considered updating its current system, but decided instead to upgrade to Interwoven WorkSite, with integrated e-mail management through FileSite.
“The Interwoven solution offered much more fl exibility in the way our professionals use the system,” he explains. “Both vendors allowed drag-and-drop fi ling, but Interwoven was simpler and more complete as a whole, with convenient features like allowing us to create shortcuts to folders and set up e-mail addressable folders.”
Making E-mail Management Painless and Effective
S. Horowitz’s Interwoven implementation proceeded smoothly. “We planned carefully, then double-checked the data to make sure the data had migrated successfully from the old system. It passed, we fi nished on a Friday, and starting Sunday morning our professionals were using FileSite.”
With Interwoven in place, the lawyers and staff of S. Horowitz can fi le e-mails quickly with no profi les necessary. From within the familiar Outlook interface, e-mails can be drag-and-dropped into unifi ed, matter-centric folders alongside other types of documents, retaining their full context and making it simple for the firm’s workers to fi nd complete matter content in a single, searchable location. The firm further streamlined the process by automating the creation of workspaces: when a new fi le is created, appropriate folders and subfolders are generated according to the type of matter it represents, ensuring consistent use of the system firm-wide and giving its professionals a headstart as they open new matters.
Solution-Supporting Matter-Centric Collaboration with Interwoven
Interwoven WorkSite powers the electronic matter fi le for S. Horowitz & Co., enabling the fi rm to manage
all of the content around a matter including Microsoft Offi ce documents, images, records and e-mail. By
providing professionals with an easy and intuitive way to manage their electronic matter fi les, WorkSite helps
the fi rm manage the information lifecycle, reduce risk and increase fi rm productivity.
The lawyers and staff of S. Horowitz quickly embraced WorkSite and FileSite. “Our professionals have found Interwoven very simple to use,” reports Anigar. “For users who are sometimes more diffi cult to train, we set up a few shortcuts to simplify the process further. From their perspective, they’re dragging and dropping e-mails into folders just as they always have in Outlook; they don’t even have to think about document management. That’s the kind of fl exibility I’d been looking for. Everyone from senior partners to our most recent hires can use the system effectively.”

S. Horowitz’s Interwoven repository reflects this rapid, widespread adoption. “During the seven years we used the old system, we fi led about 450,000 total documents. We matched that number in our fi rst year with WorkSite and FileSite, mostly in the form of e-mail,” reports Horowitz. “Because Interwoven makes it easier for people to fi le things, we can build a larger database of information about our clients and their matters. That’s a tremendous benefit to our firm, aiding productivity while helping us deliver superior client service.”
Realizing Benefits Beyond E-mail
Integrated e-mail management is only one way Interwoven has improved the effectiveness of S. Horowitz’s matter-centric strategy. “Our last system allowed us to fi le things in a matter-centric environment, but it was diffi cult to use,” says Anigar. “With Interwoven, it’s no harder than saving things the regular way, and in some ways it’s even more intuitive.”

WorkSite is also used to capture, file, and distribute incoming faxes. “When a fax comes in, it is filed in the correct location and a link is sent automatically to the recipient.
Knowledge management (KM) has been a priority for S. Horowitz from the beginning of its DM experience, and Interwoven has enabled the fi rm to take this strategy even further. “The WorkSite indexing engine lets us find documents and look inside them more easily than with the old system,” says Anigar. “People can re-use and refi ne existing, professionally designed documents and contracts more effectively to both save time and support best practices.”

Records management (RM) has also been greatly simplifi ed. “People can just right-click on a document or workspace and declare a record. This has helped improve compliance with our records policies, protecting the firm and its clients against risk.”

Having provided its professionals with complete document management, e-mail management, knowledge management and records management within a single integrated, matter-centric environment, S. Horowitz continues to set the standard for legal technology in Israel and beyond.