The November 2016 release of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer has accrued along with the FIORI app launch, which caused a lot of buzz among SAP community.

So what’s all the buzz you may ask?
In the next article, we will explain the wind of change that the new FIORI app has brought to SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solution and its benefits.

What is FIORI?
FIORI is a new development by SAP which provides SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer end users a friendly user experience (UX) to operate all system functions (analysis, transactions, customers, etc.) from anywhere and from any device (on line/ off line: mobile, tablet, pc).

FIORI user interface introduction
The motto of FIORI user interface app design is: “Keeping it simple”. In other words, there is an emphasis on simple, practical design and easy to use user interface.
FIORI is a function based interface which provides relevant data and applications for every given task, depending on the required position.
Fiori app provides a wide range solution in the ECC field, which includes: order tracking, sheets confirmation and sales orders production.

What kind of FIORI apps are there?
There are two main types of FIORI applications:

  • Analysis- this app can run only on SAP HANA4 infrastructure.
  • Business management- such as acquisition orders approval, shipment tracking and special requests. This app can run on an existing data infrastructure or on SAP HANA4 infrastructure.

What does the future hold?
The guideline carried out in the FIORI app user experience (UX) has created a new usability standard which constitutes an integral part of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer and SAP HANA4 interfaces and will continue to be an integral part of SAP interfaces in the future as well.