Are you ready for the upgrade? SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer November 2016 release is here!

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, the world’s leading cloud solution, enables organizations to manage their CRM, sales, marketing and service staff in a simple, efficient and cost effective way.
The November 2016 release of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer which accrued on Saturday 5/11/16 guarantees some great new features and upgrades.
SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer customers can enjoy free upgrades (up to 4 upgrades per year), as one of the benefits of cloud products.

What’s new in the November 2016 SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer release?
Here are are some of the improvements and innovations which were added to the November version:

  • An advanced Tax management on sales processes- tax client\country level
  • Many features have been added to the FIORI interface which will be lunched officially on February 2017. The new interface presents great emphasis on user experience, convenience, and design
  • Barcode scanning- to scan business cards and customers registered products to the system
  • Resource scheduler- as part of the service module, this is a great tool for managing “technician visits” applications and set time and date according to customer requests
    and technician time schedule
  • Improvements on automatic streamlined routing capabilities of leads
  • Flexibility on filenames changing- Rename attachment while uploading
  • “Mass change” capabilities for opportunity status
  • Ability to add products to the previous proposal and a “Quick add product” option from the proposal screen
  • Organizations who have actualized the “Approval process”, their sales people can withdraw approval process proposals
  • An easy documentation of customer activities, as part of the sales process- from anywhere! including the creation of a follow-up task, straight from
    the proposal screen stage
  •  Improved search system capabilities
  • New & improved advanced analysis capabilities for the product
  • Mobile survey management
  • A significant improvement in the offline product version

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