CRM – SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Xioma solutions is a leading certified SAP partner for selling, consultation and delivering CRM cloud solutions.
xioma offers a 100% cloud and mobile crm solution.

Services & Products

Social selling

SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales – supports scoring your leads visually and add the best leads to your pipeline. SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales enables to look where you are today in the sale cycle, who are your current contacts, who in the company are the key players that can help you, based on past deals and social media so you can bring them into the conversation and increase your probability of successes.



SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer – supports direct-marketing campaigns with capabilities for capturing prospect and customer data, qualifying leads, scheduling and tracking web site, mailing campaigns and analyzing tools to measure the campaigns.
SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer-includes tools for analyzing marketing and customer data-identifying profitable and unprofitable customers, designing products and services to satisfy specific customer needs and interests and identifying opportunities for cross-selling, up-selling, and bundling.


SAP Hybris Cloud for Service – provides tools to record customer requests, calls (Help desks / Call centres) , set appointments ,assign customer service requests according SLA, manage proactive service process from end to end, Include Web-based self-service capabilities, in order to support staff and customers more efficient.

Sales and Ops. planning

SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales- supplies 360 insight view on the sales process.
SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales- supports the entire end to end process from creating leads, automated transmission into opportunities, centered around the customer and prospects, in order to supply full picture required for efficient work for operational marketing and sales force.
SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales- provides real-time integration to all the sales process deliverables (ie order history, invoices, sales orders, contracts, Quotes, service inquires, etc).
SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales- provides out of the box, wide set of dashboards, reports and Analytics tools for different roles in order to assist decision makers and achieve sales goals.