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Project Management

ProjectManagement is an integrated system for the management of projects and finance, especially planned for the unique needs of organizations that provide consultation, software and professional services.
ProjectManagement provides a solution to all work stages in the organization – from planning to data collection, from information confirmation and control to client billing and financial analyses.
Xioma is the representative of Maringo, the company that developed ProjectManagement and implements and assimilates it as part of SBO with its clients.
Following are some of the system’s capabilities:
Cost pricing and proposal management
At the proposal stage for a future planned project, the system enables an accurate pricing of costs based on a pool of resources, employees, and various materials and expenses.
A planned project can be easily converted into a price quote which can then be handled as a sale opportunity as part of the organization’s CRM processes.
Project planning in several versions and stage planning
If the proposal is confirmed and an order is received, it is possible to examine the planning of the project. The system allows creating a variety of planning versions such as future project planning, initial planning and current planning.
The system enables to simplify processes by creating a Work Based Structure (WBS). Each stage may be presented in various planning resolutions: general, monthly, daily etc.
Flexible Gnatt planning for resources and stages
The system supports planning of projects using Gnatt chart. Changes in planned times and resources can be easily and quickly edited by using the ‘Drag & Drop’ function.
The system’s Gnatt chart has an option to display activity data in any given project. It is also possible to view the load work of each employee or group of employees, represented in different colors in the chart.
Project’s procurement management
The system contains tools that enable to export requests for price quotes for several suppliers based on the project data. Following receipt of prices from the suppliers, it is possible to issue a purchase order to the selected supplier.
Accurate finance and billing management including employees’ expenses
The project manager should confirm employees’ reports. The project manager analyses the information and determines for which work hours, materials and expenses the client should be billed. The system’s Finance Wizard helps the project manager to issue invoices based on various criteria such as target dates, work periods, meeting goals etc. This information is directly transferred to the organization’s Finance Department, for billing the client and for crediting employees for their expenses.
Inter and extra organizational (intra company) loading
In addition to standard client billings, the system enables inter and extra organizational (intra company) loading.
It is possible to distribute service costs or travelling expenses among several centers or branches within the organization or related companies.
Improved control of resources and financing
Documentation relating to projects and to the active and planned resources of the project, which are available at all times.
The system provides client’s customized reports, such as follow-up reports, breakeven analysis, project costs etc. Pre-determined authorizations ensure that every user will only be exposed to relevant information.
Accurate documentation of project data
After the project goes live, the employees can document their project related times on an hourly basis or by feeding the start and end times. The documentation is accessible through the system or the Web. Documenting times is simple and it takes into consideration various patterns of work, different work times and business calendars that include the holidays of every country. Documentation enables to select only project for which employees have authorizations as well as the relevant stage they are required to report.