iManage Technology

Worksite is an organizational content management system allowing for a broad variety of actions on digital and printed knowledge, focusing on maximal end user’s convenience, reducing times of action and maintaining strict security management.

iManage wide product package – Worksite, offers many knowledge management possibilities using the most updated technologies within and without the organization.
The system is designated for all-size organizations, allows for broad customization according to the organization’s needs, and may be interfaced with multiple complementary systems.
The systems can work in many environments:
Mobile computers and PCs, terminal or cloud, VPN, Citrix, Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry and of course – virtual environments.
Users enjoy full integration with Outlook and Office, Acrobat, Workshare and synchronization interfaces with Commit, Odkanit or Mishpatit and/or many other systems, as required.
The system enables to save and file nearly every existing format (documents, e-mails, clips, pictures, songs etc.) and to adjust it to the environment by means of security and authorization management, access from everywhere in the world free of language limitations (Unicode support).
The system’s search mechanism is based on IDOL algorithm which is considered the best, most advanced in the world of its type and is used as a platform for many search engines with Google being the most famous.
The application tool array is especially wide and includes a built-in capability to import-export data from Excel files, an ability to add fields and tables into the database, an automatic fill-in of fields with values according to business rules, building queries, reports and dashboards.