PM-Professional Services

 Xioma provides project management consultation services
Many organizations, in particular technological organizations, currently develop their products in a project environment.
PROJECT MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGIES and tools for control and monitoring of project resources are crucial for the organization’s success.
Xioma has developed a broad package of products and services designed to support project-oriented organizations and activities.

Identifying the environmental conditions in which projects are executed
This stage is designed to identify problems and provide a general picture as to the project management method existing in the organization as well as to define a set of suppositions on which the process will be based. In order to understand the current condition, certain actions are performed, such as interviews with officers, collection of relevant data, mapping of tools, projects, existing positions etc.

Devising a suitable method for project management in the organization
Defining a methodology – characterizing the patterns of control, monitoring and report in projects. After milestones are defined for the process, the core processes are defined – the project life cycle, planning, control and monitoring processes, and project planning templates.

Implementation of software tools according to project management methodology
Implementation is not complete without assimilation of a suitable project management tool. Xioma’s expertise is assimilating Sciforma’s project management tool. We fully supervise the assimilation process (adapting the tool to the core processes defined, providing trainings etc.).

Setting up, monitoring, management and training of a Project Management Office
In units that execute multi projects concurrently there is great importance in creating an integrative picture of project planning, resource management and timetable impact. In order to succeed in projects and in the management thereof, “project management should be managed”. One of the ways to do it is by the PMO – an office that coordinates project management support and building methodology. Some of its roles are: executive training, assistance and support in follow-up and control, providing integrative picture, constant improvement, expertise in the operation of supporting tools etc.

Helping train project managers to manage projects
Instilling executives with the required tools and skills to be familiar with the processes, jargon and tools in project management world. This is achieved by means of training on concepts from the world of project management, training on OJT tools, assimilation, assistance in initial planning, planning quality control, update and follow-up of program, assistance in the operation of project management tools, and tutoring the relevant organs in PMO management and operation.

PMO services – providing outsourcing services of experienced PMO professionals.