The digital revolution is changing companies’ operational business models worldwide.
Organizations that fail to adjust to the new reality often find that they are left out of the race.
The obvious conclusion is that in order to adapt to this new world we must be able to think on our feet, make quick changes, and focus on customer experience. In this newly evolving world, the social factor is a key component.

In an era when everyone is versed in social media and social networks are becoming indisputable economic powers, it’s crucial that we adopt a new set of rules, not only in our everyday lives but also in the business arena.
Organizations and businesses that embrace the transition from selling to the masses to selling to individuals and focus their financial efforts on creating unique and effective channels of personal communication with their customers will be able to generate higher profits.

One of the key components of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Solution is the ability to integrate social media channels (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) into the system’s customer service module.
Social media is a great platform for communication between organizations and customers and is available from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.
SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Solution can process information, respond immediately to customers’ questions, requests, or inquiries, and provide them with the solution best suited for their needs.
These new channels of communication open the door for unique business opportunities:

  • Identifying customers’ opinion of your company by tracking and analyzing conversations on social media and taking action based on this information
  • Collecting customer feedback on social media and using it to improve product development processes
  • Producing a comprehensive overview of your company’s interaction with its customers on social media
  • Developing new, informal channels of communication between the company’s employees and its customers, in a way that encourages instant engagement and accessibility
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of your organization’s customer profile by studying customers’ reactions, comments, preferences, and posts on social media
  • Discovering, in real time, what your customers really think of your products and services
  • Enhancing customer loyalty by building positive brand reputation on social media
  • Targeting and prioritizing social media communications to increase your reaction speed
  • Identifying key opinion leaders on social networks who may influence decision-makers on new sales opportunities and help increase the sales cycle. Sales managers can increase the chances of success by inviting key opinion leaders to participate in the selling process.In conclusion, the integration between SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Solution and social networks gives a competitive advantage that benefits not only the organization and its employees but its customers as well.