1. When choosing and implementing a solution, taking into account the methodology, tools, and integration, aspire to attune the functional components to the organization’s business and operational objectives.
  2. Modularity—Implement and use only those functionalities that will give your organization the business and operational tools it needs. Sciforma is modular in price and functionality, both at the organizational level and at the individual user level. This will help avoid a situation where your organization utilizes but a small percentage of the solution’s capabilities.
  3. Simplicity—Sciforma offers an advanced UX: Friendly, easy to use, and intuitive, similar to popular social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and without the need for specialized training.
  4. In some organizations, the implementation of several methodologies is called for. Different departments (for example, operation and development) manage projects differently. Therefore, flexibility is required. Sciforma offers you that flexibility, which is reflected in implementation of different work methodologies (such as CCPM/Agile/Phase Gate) for different projects and departments in your organization.
  5. Because not all organizations plan and manage projects the same way, the wizard feature is an invaluable tool.
  6. Companies characterized by a complex and dynamic work process determined on a per-client or per-project basis often find themselves ‘reinventing the wheel’ over and over again. Sciforma’s Best Practice Solution offers flexible and adaptable work processes suited for a wide range of projects.
  7. To avoid unnecessary investment in infrastructure, and to reduce risk and costs (fee-for-service model), your solution’s business model should rely on a hybrid platform that supports both SaaS (cloud) and on-premises installation.
  8. Mobile—The mobile revolution requires that you have the ability to access your data anywhere, anytime. Sciforma is based on HTML5 and can be used on smartphones or tablets.
  9. An integrated, holistic solution—In order to produce a unified overview of your organization’s status, Sciforma’s rich functionalities allow you to plan and manage every aspect of your organization—demands, tasks, issues, projects, portfolios, work packages, resources, time sheets and expense reports, processes, documents, risks, budgets, et cetera.
  10. Time to Value—Avoid an endless theoretical process of characterization and implementation. Sciforma’s system can be implemented in just 5 days! The quick and focused implementation process allows your organization to achieve value within a short time frame, using best practice methodologies, gap analyses, and configuration adjustments, without the need for specialized coding and programming.