• One-stop-shop solution
    One comprehensive business management solution: CRM, finance, purchasing, manufacturing, sales, inventory control, and banking.
  • A solution that grows together with your business
    An IT solution that adapts to the growth of your business—without user restrictions or storage limitations.
  • Increasing profits
    Immediate access to your information enables you to identify sale opportunities, launch new products, and offer advanced customer support, helping you grow your business and increase profits.
  • Improved business efficiency
    A unified information center that houses all of your business data allows employees to save valuable time, make quick business decisions, and generate new business.
  • Advanced customer service
    A high-tech customer management solution gives you the ability to improve customer satisfaction and create business opportunities by offering comprehensive support.
  • Enhanced business control
    Use the fully customizable dashboard to manage and control your business, and receive real-time updates, alerts, reminders, and statistics.
  • Full support
    Xioma’s professional support team is at your service every step of the way, from finding the right solution for your business, through system implementation, to routine maintenance and support.
  • Quick implementation process
    The quick implementation process guarantees you’ll be able to benefit from the system’s capabilities in no time.
  • SAP Business One is completely compatible with Microsoft Outlook and all Microsoft Office products, so your business can continue to work as usual while still benefiting from SAP’s unique capabilities.
  • SAP Business One is in compliance with the laws and regulations of 40 different countries, available in 27 languages, and compatible with a wide range of currencies.