More and more legal departments in Israel and abroad are coping with a continuing increase in work volume, due to internal changes such as company mergers and acquisitions. These processes, along with an ongoing demand for budget cuts, encourage legal departments to seek technological solutions that will improve their service, efficiency and data security.
iManage is a document and email management solution used by more than 500 legal departments in various large and small organizations worldwide.

Why choose iManage?

  1. Data security
    iManage is a secured system that adheres to the strictest security standards required by the legal practice and its clients.
  2. File sharing
    Sharing files and information via a secured and easy channel enables users to consult external parties while conforming to data security requirements commonly adopted by legal practitioners.
  3. Time saving
    Manage all your documents, including PDF files, e-mails, and MS Word and Excel files, in a unified electronic file system that can be accessed via Outlook and other popular software and via mobile devices. Retrieve your files using an intuitive search engine that allows you to search for text as well as metadata. This time-saving feature optimizes administrative processes and allows users to focus on legal work.
  4. Turning knowledge to BI
    Thanks to its extensive search capabilities, iManage makes it easy to find e-mail attachments, archives, and files on shared servers. Track and analyze your files instantly and consult with experts to make better business decisions.
  5. Cloud support
    iManage offers cloud support, which enables your legal department to work faster and respond immediately, at any time and from any device.Would you like to hear more about iManage?
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